Catherine Woolley


Eighty Five: A nice new piece of hardware

My friends will already know that I gave in and took the plunge in buying a Nintendo 3DS, I just couldn't resist, new hardware is something I can never stop myself from getting. After looking at the 3DS earlier on this year and last year too I decided I had really enjoyed some of what the handheld had on show. The 3D stuff is still a little gimmicky in my eyes, however it can handle a lot more than the original DS which is the big seller in my eyes. That and the AR cards and Face Raiders are amazing as well as the Street Pass functionality that most games possess.

I'm sure I'll talk more in depth on the handheld at some point, as well as provide an unboxing for Gamercast but for now I thought I'd share my friend code with any readers that would like to add me to their friend lists should you have a 3DS.

My friend code is 2449-4612-1776, and of course you'll have to give me your friend code too, I recommend popping it in the comments if you do!