Catherine Woolley


Eighty Nine: Some fun days ahead

I've brought a small pile of games to the flat which can now sit with the Mega Drive/Mega CD games that I already had here, so now I just need to find a little time to go back and play some awesome games.

Hellfire included, which for any long time Gamercast listeners will know that Hellfire used to be our theme tune. I bought quite a few classics with me as well as some more obscure titles, which who knows, perhaps I will actually get to finish now that I'm more skilled with games than I used to, and have a little more patience compared to when I was younger.

Either way I've got some solid platformers (along with a host of other game types) with me which the Mega Drive/SNES era really had nailed in terms of wonderful and entertaining experiences teamed with gorgeous 16 bit visuals.