Catherine Woolley


Eleven: Jet Set Radio DIY

Something I wanted to share with my readers was the wonders of one of last year’s releases, Wario Ware DIY. Wario Ware DIY was released exclusively for Nintendo DS and then had smaller releases for DSiWare and WiiWare.

So those unfamiliar with the Wario Ware games, they're a series of 3-5 second minigames that require quick reactions, and since the transition to Nintendo Wii and DS they have only gotten better, requiring more than just a button press.

Well Wario Ware DIY blew it all out the water by allowing you to make your own games, with of course a few constraints. Sadly though with Nintendo's online constraints you can't just share any games you make with all the people playing the game. So I had to record a video instead to show off a little game I made over the course of a few days back in June 2010. I intended to post the video on my blog last year but never did so I thought what a great time to be doing oneaday

The only annoyance was when creating a game with the game maker inside Wario Ware DIY was that with a touch of a stylus you couldn't specify a direction it would have to come in. However I was happy with the end product, if you skip to almost 2 minutes into the video you can see the game.

I'd like to make some more games in Wario Ware DIY during 2011 as it was an interesting and different approach to making a game inside a game, it's just a shame I can't share them any other way.