Catherine Woolley


Fifty Three: Parappa the Rapper anime

A great little anime series based upon the great game was released a while back, and the intro along with the music is a favourite of mine. I thought I'd share it with those that didn't even know an anime series existed.

I found out about it during university through some anime website at some point and in that instant I knew I needed the series. Sadly like the Gregory Horror Show series, on websites like Play-asia the DVDs are extremely pricey and would cost over £100 to pick up the entire set. It's among some of the things I plan to eventually own in life, just when I have piles of cash floating around waiting to be spent.

Sadly it wasn't released outside of Japan, but fan subs can be found floating around on the internet. The big seller for me, even just from watching the intro is on the variation between 2D animation (like the series) and the cut out Parappa, which for anyone that is a fan of the characters know it really suits their style, and even though very J-pop the song brings it all together to form a nice package.

I'll soon have a post up on my thoughts on Parappa the Rapper in a looking back post, not only to talk about one of my favourite games, but also to show off my amazing P.J Berri that I picked up the other week.