Catherine Woolley


Forty Five: Apple Jack, a game you need!

I was very recently introduced to an Xbox Live Indie Game known as Apple Jack which was created by Tim Sycamore of My Owl Software. Sadly he hasn't got a website up and running at the moment (or at least I can't find one), however Apple Jack is his first game. Not only did the music for the following trailer entice me, but also the combos and array of mechanics featured in the game as well as the visual style.

The trailer is only 2 and a half minutes long, and I recommend watching it, not only if you want to see what the game looks like, but also to hear the great piece of music that accompanies it.

For anyone that is interested Apple Jack is a platformer which may remind you of the extremely tough kind you would find back on the SNES or Megadrive, although it has an interesting combo system intertwined amongst the usual gameplay, adding a complexity to it that gives an incentive to rush. However one miscalculated jump results in your demise, losing your combo streak and taking you back to a previous checkpoint combo-less. As well as racking up these coins from the combos there are multiple ways of killing enemies, some of which can only be taken out using certain methods.

The game is set around Jack who has lost his dog, all set in the UK, and starting off in Suffolk it spreads across five counties (like the cheese) in the UK and it's a great little experience that contains some nice little pieces of level design in here, reminding me at times of Kid Icarus, Bubble Bobble and Mario Bros. 2.

Like a small portion of the Xbox Live Indie games this is one you should definitely try out if you want a really challenging game for a mere 80 MS points (buy it!)