Catherine Woolley


Forty Four: Dinner with Kip

With it being Valentine's day tomorrow I thought I'd introduce everyone to a great little short film that I have made sure to remember after many years, and it's in some ways related to love so it fits in.

Dinner with Kip was an entry for an Eternal Darkness short film competition that Nintendo held many moons ago. Back when the competition was about, the video wasn't on YouTube (not sure if YouTube was actually around) and it was only hosted on this Nintendo site, which after a few months seemed to disappear. After the video's disappearance I actually contacted the director Chris Schwartz to see if there was any way of getting a hold of a copy of the film. At the time he only had a VHS copy and offered to send it my way, but for some reason I declined.

However many years later he has put his great, extremely funny short film on YouTube, and I urge you all to watch it. I won't mention any spoilers of what happens in it, but in a way it's about obsession, the run time is just under 6 minutes long, I do recommend giving it a watch.

Red means love!