Catherine Woolley


Four: GameSpite and other zines

After recently becoming a member of the NTSC-UK forums I was enticed with their 'gaming related purchases' thread, if there's one thing I love doing is seeing what people have bought in terms of games. My eyes immediately dart to game bags when I see people walking with them on the street. Perhaps that may sound obsessive but I've always been interested in seeing what people buy, heck that's the reason I liked working in GAME for over three years. It would be great to strike up a conversation with someone over the game they'd be buying, if it was a game I was genuinely interested in.

So one thing I was introduced to from this thread other than lots of amazing looking books was a quarterly book entitled GameSpite which is a collection of pieces written on games pieced together in a book with the help of Jeremy Parish and some other people and the book publishers blurb as well.

So the reason I ended up picking up some of the issues, specifically Summer 09, Spring 2010 and Winter 2010, was that they gave me the feeling of the books and articles similar almost to zines, and the heaps of them that I used to buy with my little bits of money from the back of GamesMaster in their little section near the pen pals (little fact: I met a pen pal through GM that I still keep in contact with now thanks to Facebook) area.

I love zines based purely on the fact of the love and attention that go into them, this is what drew me to GameSpite, that and the issue pictured is looking at the most underappreciated games of all time, and looking at the list, so many of them are my favourites. It was also my reason for choosing the specific issues I picked, seeing a game I have memories of will always to draw me towards it, and I'm sure everyone else is the same.

It's like why I've kept this issue of invincible monster body safe on my bookcase, not only is it a game zine and a more recent one, but it had links to my university which make it mean even more to me.

And even more so my issue of Raina Lee's 1-Up MegaZine which I had the privilege to buy from her when she attended a conference at my university oh so many years ago. I highly recommend 1-Up almost purely on the beautiful graphic presentation and high production values that the zine has. Plus it had little playable cards with it, I only hope that one day I can pick up all of them.

If anyone can recommend any zines or independent magazines to me that you enjoy reading I'd love to hear from you. Or if you want to share some love for zines or GameSpite please share your comments below.