Catherine Woolley


Gameboy Micro

Well I ordered a Gameboy micro the other day, so I can have one for my trip to Barcelona, and since we're traveling by bus I needed something to amuse myself, and since the DS can't be played on at the same time by two people I felt I wanted something new. So I treated myself to a Famicom version Gameboy Micro. I would of waited for them to come out over here, but the colours coming out here are really boring, and black isn't even coming out over here so I thought screw that and I found out that in Japan they have a special Famicom version to celebrate Mario's 20th Anniversary, I couldn't contain my excitement (yeah I'm weird :P) anyway I thought it looked so cool I had to get myself one, plus before they stopped selling them or something, which probably won't happen but it's something nice to add to my collection. Anyway it did come on Friday but I was round my sister's looking after her and her boyfriend as they have recently been in a road accident, so I found out Friday that it had come along with £34.83 customs which is horrible, as that means I am now completely skint, and the money I was saving up for Barcelona is pretty much down to about a pound now, yay :(. But yeah so I had to wait until I got home today to play it, was a while until I did as I had a few things to do, but then I opened the package, I bought myself the Gameboy micro itself, a case for it, BoulderDash EX (cos who doesn't like boulderdash :P) Famicom Mini Series Super Mario Brothers, a little zelda gashapon which happened to not be the one I wanted and wasn't even Link :( and a game for Charmoo which I will not say what it is :P and they also gave me some free sour melon sweets...random, anyway sorry the pic is crap but the camera's batteries ran out so I had to take it with my phone.


So now you know what I got I'll talk about the Micro more :). The second I took it out the box I thought omg it looks cool, altho this was the packet I was referring to :P As it's celebrating Mario's anniversary they made it special. Here's what's so cool about it.
This is the first bit of packaging which holds the Micro where it is.


Then under that where the adaptor went.


Then when I stopped looking at the box I took the Micro out of its little bag thing and it just hit me that is was so small, it looks smaller when it's turned off which is a little weird, but anyway I thought it looked a lot smaller than I expected so I got myself a game and watch and shoved them next to each other and there is quite a bit of a difference, mainly as the screen is smaller, but there is a size difference also as you can see below.


Then I went to the instruction book thinking I could find out how long I have to charge it for, then of course I realised it was in Japanese...stupid me. So I had to look around a bit on the net, then I found out the America Nintendo site has manuals up for download so I printed it off and spent a while making an instruction book :P


Here’s a pic of the back of it, showing that it is special :D


Its not that bad really, anyway I had the thing on charge while I made it, and about a few hours later I could play on it :D yay.
So I switched it on a popped my new game in it, and amazingly the screen looked so much bigger, and is not hard to see at all. It is a little confusing having to play on a system so small and look at it at the same time, basically the size of a master system controller :o But after a while I felt like I was just playing on a normal Gameboy really, just an ultra pretty one :D
It may not feel small but it does look pretty small as you can see in the pics below.


And believe me my hands aren't huge :P

Then there is this one


Which you can also view here as I feel the small picture doesn't do it justice &#59;)

I should also mention Mario is a direct port of the original Famicom/NES version, so if it looks bad I either took a crap picture or cos its only a port. But the screen is very nice :D

Oh yeah something else cool, they added in the normal battery dying feature but they added it into the start and select buttons which is extremely cute, where they glow blue if the battery is fine, or red if it needs charging :) which is a nice feature.

Hmm I seem a little more happy with my Zelda capsule toy now, I have now found out he is called a Minish, as he is from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.


He shall now sit happily on my micro :D