Catherine Woolley


GameCity Squared

It's coming up to that time of the year, where people carve pumpkins and have a laugh dressing up.

Well as well as Halloween (and my birthday) something else is happening over the Halloween week which also happened the previous year and that is GameCity.

GameCity is a videogame festival hosted in Nottingham, a quote below gives the jist of what it's all about.

Unlike a lot of videogame events, it’s not really a place to come and play them - we’d rather do that at home on the sofa. But if you do love videogames, you’re going to find lots here to enjoy.

Although with GameCity being this kind of event, it separates the people who go to a games related event just to play games, from the ones who want to hear about the process and hear people talking etc.

This year they've got Masaya Matsuura, who recently attended Develop as well, along with Rex Crowle, Robin Hunicke and Dr. Barbara Lippe. Babsi having actually attended WIG 07 when it was in Newport all those years ago.

To cut a story short, it should be an awesome event, they have a whole host of things lined up, mainly taking place during the week so I'm unable to attend them due to work. Although I will be there over the weekend, sacrificing my birthday to go there, that's how cool it should be!

I urge all to check out the website at And you may we see me as well as all the lovely people from Newport!

Below are some viral videos which have been produced by The Alaskan Military School enjoy!