Catherine Woolley


Graduate show

I shall be doing a few entries on my upcoming graduate show, although not too many to ruin any surprises that we have in store. My year has teamed together and divided work up so that we can try to create a memorable graduate show that will attract hopefully some attention.


I'm have volunteered for being in charge of sending out invitations and food (so I'm getting invitations and stickers printed very soon!), I'm very happy to of taken care of these tasks, my sister Charlotte is also hoping to help me out with food as we both enjoy cooking. As I would prefer that our graduate show has a more homemade feel, as opposed to food straight out of a packet which can be bland in taste.


The show is not until the 29th of May, but we intend to start sending out invites very soon, along with the website which is soon to go live. Until then I won't spoil any surprises to what the graduate show is to entail, other than showing this image that Debbie has drawn for it.


Monster attack