Catherine Woolley


Gregory Horror Show Miniatures

Ok well a month of so back I purchased a box of 20 packs of Gregory Horror Show miniatures, as they were super cheap and just sounded awesome, a lot of waiting later I got them :)

And I must say they are amazing, now the only reason I bought them was for how nice they would look on my shelf, I have no idea of how the game would play as I only bought a box of the figure packs, as opposed to buying the card packs or starter decks.

But yeah I advise everyone to get them if they like Gregory horror, as they're nicely painted and very detailed, only problem I have with them is that one of my packs (they come in packs of two figures) only had one figure in it, now I must say upperdeck have done an amazing job in making them, but I'm complaining about that :P.

Only thing I find really annoying is I'm not too sure of how many there are of them, as from the numbers of common, uncommon and rare the boxes says adds up to 24, but one of my monsters has the number 25 on him so I'm a little confused.

I know you're waiting to see them though, here they are in all their glory.

Now this was the best picture I took, and you can't see all of them there, but they are really nice, if anyone wants to see any more images just ask :)

Only annoying thing like all little collectables, be it pokemon cards, trading arts of gashapons I now have doubles, which of course are looking for a new home ^__^