Catherine Woolley


I love handmade products

Ok so a few weeks back was the first games society meeting, in the games lab they have loads of magazines, so I was bored and flicked through some. I looked through Games Master, which I haven't done it a while, but they now do loads of different things, including a little part on people dedicated to games and stuff, and I saw a link to a website of a lady who had made a prince plushie. So of course I wrote down the link and then looked back at it later. I'd had the page up for days and then finally decided to order some cuteness, including birthday presents, which of course I won't be showing in the entry ^__^. But yeah so after about 11 days from ordering it, it came :) which was today of course, and it was cool cos I also recieved my japan centre order as well containing these, and also some panko breadcrumbs which were sat on my desk at the time of the picture being taken ^__^


But the Japan centre order was cool because I got an issue of Fruits :D, which is amazing because it's magazine sized, as opposed to little book sized. And then a few hours later came my lovely paper crane order, I thought it was cute enough as it was in a shoe box, which then made me think back to a blog entry Alice at had done about how she loves etsy because everything is so personal. Well opening the shoe box made me feel the same way. Because when I finally managed to get past the stickey tape I smiled when I took off the top. Because inside on the top of the items was a little package, which contained a postcard, little buisness type card, a sticker and some sweeties :)


I must say I didn't expect getting anything other than what I ordered, but it did cross my mind, as when ordering my Jon Burgerman belt I got a cute little sticker with it ^__^. I'd post like pictures of each thing, but I don't see that much point, but I'm sure from the pictures you can tell it's all very cute. The postcard is one of the most awesome bits though, because of the back of it, as you can see from the picture :P. I woulda got myself some cute burnt toast like on the postcard, but I wanted happy toast :P.


All round I'm so happy I made an order at My Paper Crane and if she makes anything else equally as cute I may have to buy more from her, and of course see what I get next time :) Oh yeah and other than a couple of presents for Charlotte I bought an amazing piece of happy toast, which I'm really happy with :) I also recently bought a lovely looking Sushi bracelet can't wait to get it :) So yeah look forward to an entry showing that, and also a few more things within the next few weeks. Hopefully something on life drawing and also my Japanese classes too :D