Catherine Woolley


LocoRoco PSP pouch

Ok so second time lucky, I wrote up this entry a week back, but it had an error when I was saving it and I told it to go back, and it decided to wipe it, so yay I get to write it again.

Ok so I had been interested in a psp for a while after seeing a game called LocoRoco, and I saw one day that on Play-Asia they had a psp pouch up on their site which was LocoRoco related, and I just thought, oh my god I have got to get one for my psp, being in mind this was even before I got my psp.

Then of course I remembered the fact that Play-Asia don't ship any PSP items to the UK or Europe, because of that whole stupid stuff with Sony sueing places for selling anything to the UK before the PSP came out. Anywho that's all old news now so I emailed them asking if they'd send it out as Sony don't care anymore, but I just got an email back saying they can't. So that was Play-Asia out of the picture, I constantly checked the net for weeks, not finding anything checking Lik Sang to see if they were ever going to sell it, but I never managed to find it.

Then finally I found this really expensive site called Toys n Joys, and all I can say really is if I bought it from them, I'd be paying a price of a new game for a little pouch for my psp :P. So I kept the site in mind and stuck with the fact I'd have to pay that.

But oh no, I was just casually searching on the net a few weeks before it was coming out and I found this amazing site called Yamato Export who sold it, and even cheaper than Play-Asia, plus the good point of shipping to the UK. I spent a good hour or so looking on their site at all the items they sell. It's not so good when you pay with paypal as they have a few problems with it at the moment but other than that it's an amazing site, which I recommend everyone to import stuff from, although there is the annoying thing of when you set the currency on the site to your favoured one it changes when you click on something :P.

So I got my pouch, didn't take too long, and I'm so pleased with it, I can't wait to order a few more bits off their site for my ds, as some games in japan just won't be coming out over here, and they're cheaper than our retails as well. But I'll be doing that when I have the money and don't mind spending a little.

And the main point of this thread, my locoroco pouch, and here it is.

all sealed and cute

This is how it came in a little cardboard packed thingy

little leaflets

Also with the pouch I got these two cute leaflets advertising a game called portable island on the psp and a new fist of the north star pachinko game. Not like Play-Asia send you anything like that :P although you do get stickers which are cute :).

cuteness from the outside

Here's the pouch in all it's glory out of it's packet, it has a weird style but it's very cute :)

cute tag

And how cute, it even has a little tag on it saying LocoRoco ^_^

There we go, theres my LocoRoco pouch which now sits proudly on my desk, and anyone wanting to get any import games go to Yamato Export