Catherine Woolley


Long time no speak

Ok so I've been away for a while, due to the lack of internet and the constant moving about of myself and my things, but I'm finally settled in a cute little house :)

I'll just fill everyone in by posting a few pictures :)

Here is my lovely bedroom, much better than my crappy on campus room, and it has a double bed!!!

My lovely bed

And if you lie down on my bed you shall now see the following ^__^

I love my photos :)

And then if you turn your head you can see my computer, which is currently very much missing the internet, along with my books and crap as charlotte would put it.

My set up :)

You can also have a sneak peak of Charlottes room, including her Buffy Calender :P

Charlottes room ^__^

Then there is the cute little kitchen which currently houses a chair in it, so I can sit and watch Charlotte pulse fruit in her machine thing, she made Nectarine sorbet yesterday/today ^__^.

Widdle kitchen

Next to the kitchen there is then the dining room, which has now got a nice little tablecloth on it thanks to Charlotte, and it's nice arrangement of lavender with two roses from the garden :)

Much nicer than the university kitchens

Then last but not least the living room, where you can see the sofa...not too much going on but its a nice little sofa, good for snuggling up.

Comfy sofa :)

Then we also have a cute little neighbour cat, who keeps sleeping on our path outside the house, and was also spotted sleeping on our shed, how rude, but insanely cute :)

Our little neighbour

And last but not least i brought my shark from home to the new place, he's oh so cuddly, but won't be taking over Moo.

Our new resident sharky

And that's it from me for now...hopefully I'll have the internet in a week or so, no idea, so I bid you all farewell :).