Catherine Woolley


Mr.McLeod the bestest Law teacher

Ok I know this is a little late, but I did Morris and Wadwell, so I have to do McLeod, I have a whole list of blog entries I have to do, so they may be a little old in what they're talking about...but at least it means I've done them ^_^.

Ok well Law is a subject we could only start at sixth form, we (we being Charlotte and myself) picked it as one of our test type subjects and we liked it so we chose to continue.

Now I don't want to sound rude, but the first year of law was kinda boring, the English legal system ain't that fun to learn about, and to this day there are still some bits of it I never really understood. There were good fun bits though.

The highlights of the first year though were the trips to various places, and parties ^_^ it was the only subject where we really got a trip or two (bar of course the art ones to the Tate and Barcelona) Now I really think some people only stayed in Law because of the trips, and of course the few who wanted to take law at uni.

But myself and Charlotte were actually considering dropping Law after the first year, as not to be mean but he has the kinda voice that can send you to sleep. But we liked him so much we decided to stick with it and got a full A level, now I must say the second year of Law was amazing compared to the first, doing Criminal Law is so much fun, although there's a lot of it to learn.

Yet I still after learning lots and revising only got a D which I was kinda bummed about, as I thought I did really good in the exams, but obviously I didn't. Anywho enough about me, Mr McLeod really knew how to let a class have a fun time, except for those lunchtime lessons ^_^ he will be missed just as much as Mr Morris and Mr Wadwell, I feel we had the coolest teachers for our subjects. (Good thing we dropped ICT :P although it would have been real fun to have Mr Waller as a teacher in the second year :( )

Anyway thanks Mr McLeod for the fun two years, you are missed greatly.

Mr McLeod kinda crappy picture