Catherine Woolley


new phone :)

Well after wanting a new phone for a while now I decided on one to get, based partly on the fact that I wanted one people didn't have, like those Sony ericssons that everyone has, like my last phone, my little Siemens MC60 I didn't know a single person with the same phone as me, which was nice as then I wasn't copying anyone by having the same phone as them. But yeah my mind was also decided with the help of my lovely Paul :) isn't he so cute and lovely :D anyway back to the main phone :) yeah if it wasn't for him I woulda got some boring phone I guess, I never considered getting a smartphone, 1 as I didn't know of any 2 I thought they would all be too pricey for me. But he showed me the pretty phone that I have, an Orange SPV C500, which I didn’t really care for at the start as I didn’t have a clue to what kinda phone I wanted, but then as I was told more about it, I wanted one even more :) he's very persuasive I guess ^^
Anyway after bugging my mum many times as it only comes on orange I couldn’t get it on a contract, as for some reason orange want you to be 18, which I’m not which is rather gay, but I cant really help my age, so instead I found a site that sold it on pay as you go :) which then would set me back £140 which is a hell of a lot of money for me to be spending but after talking with my mum for like 4 hours *rolly eyes* but after that I got my mum to lend me the money and add it on top of the £60 I already owed her for my little Zen micro :P
But I got the 60 taken away cos she offered to give me 60 for my old phone which was rather good :D
Anyway onto the new phone :) My old little phone could only just take pictures and send messages really like every other phone at the time. But now I’ve got a phone can do a bunch of crap including record stuff :), play things in wmp, go on msn and um yeah other stuff. I really suck at writing reviews on stuff but yeah I like it :) the sound is a bit loud, and I thought wmp was kinda sucky as there was no way to actually fast forward or rewind, so then I found this handy thing called betaplayer :) which happens to rewind and fast-forward. Which is great, I had to get my phone unlocked as I prefer o2's offers on txts so that set me back another £20 O_o which was annoying, but its now on o2, now at the start picture messages were working, but now they have stopped :'( I can't get the net to work either :( I’ve got what should be the right settings but it just doesn't seem to work, so I guess I’ll have to go into the o2 shop and see if they can help as the site can't.
Couple of annoying things with the phone I think are things like the little green flashy light, its especially annoying when I’m lying in bed and the rooms all dark and there's this little light flashing which lights up most of my bed....annoying :P and also I like to have my phone on silent all the time, so I do that, but it really vibrates for too long, compared to my old phone, which gets kinda annoying, as there’s no way to stop it from buzzing, but I guess I cant help it for now :P
Well my sister Emma said it was poo as it had no good songs or pictures on it, but what does she know :P
Most of the time I have my o2 sim card in it, but the rest of the time I dump my orange one in so I can go on the net or on msn which has proved rather good as it doesn't seem to be charging me which is really good...but rather I dunno what’s going on with that, although one good thing about my orange sim is orange Wednesdays has started now so me and Charmoo can go see some films ^^

Games and stuff

well the games you get with it aren't bad, jawbreaker, like Sega swirl which is fun, but it can get a bit boring, and then there’s solitaire, which can get annoying as the clubs and spades are easy to get mixed up as they are a bit small, but other than that its fun :) But yeah I downloaded some games for it so I can play more :) such as pacman, and tetris, and I also found a snes, nes and gameboy emulator...although the gameboy runs too fast even when I put the fps down :( and putting the sound on makes it crash, so no nice tetris music on the gb if I wanna play it :(
The snes one crashes when I try to load a game and the nes one works fine :) but I don't like that many nes games.

Sounds and stuff

Ok well they are rather poo, only one I think is ok is the sound it makes when I get a message, just some nice ding sound, but I'll change it soon :) shall be Charmoo saying you've got mail, the best thing ever :P
And I stole some freaky ones off of Emma’s phone, one saying I've got a call and one saying ring, better than what I had tho.


Ok I think it is kinda poo, as you cannot fast forward or rewind, so if by mistake I press something I have to watch stuff all over again from the beginning, but the sound seems fine and it plays videos fine now that I have put them to the right size.
Due to the annoyingness of no fast forwarding I was forced to download Betplayer which isn't bad as it can do those :) and other stuff too.


Ok it runs pretty slow sometimes, but it works just fine :) everything is easy to get to so I'm happy with that.


Ok well there seems to be no limit to how many txts I can keep on it which is sooo cool, no needing to delete txts :) although maybe I should...


I dunno they are ok, it keeps numbers and stuff so its all good :)

Power management

This is sooo cool; it’s really helpful to know how much battery I’ve got left, better than a little bar in the corner telling you estimated battery left.


Ok this seems really good, I've taken a few good pics with it and they mainly turn out fine. Examples:


me with charmoo hat

I had to resize the images because they were too big for the page :(

Ok I haven't recorded too much, it does go a bit slow at times and the microphone doesn't pick up all the sound that well, but I've recorded some funny times with it :D

File Manager

Ok well at first I was confused with where everything was on my phone but after a while I managed to find it all here, it’s so cool that’s its so much like a computer :)

Task Manager

Ok this is so handy for if I wanna stop something...just like a computer I guess, but none the less it’s handy.

Msn messenger

Ok this is sometimes annoying at times as its randomly signed me out a few times, but other than that its very good :) tells you when someone’s talking to you, altho it can be annoying to type in lots.

Um yeah this is all I can really be bothered to write...I dunno if I’ve missed anything but its my review type thingy so there :P

Um sorry if it's long.