Catherine Woolley


Newport FTW

Ok not sure if anyone noticed, but I didn't mention anything about the uni I was going to, now people that know me should know where I'm going, but for those that don't I'll just give a run through of everything ^_^.

I shall now be going to The University of Wales, Newport, as the name says in Wales (OMG like so far away) I shall be studying Computer Games Design, mainly due to my love of games, and from this I hope to get into the industry :). The main reason for my choosing Newport was that part of the course is video game history, and being taught something like that is just wow, even though I hope I know a fair bit.

And the other reason why is because it's design but from the art side of things, and as I've recently taken a special liking to art (not like I didn't before) I decided I want to do something related to art.

I hope to do good on my course :) and have a fun three years at uni, I've now sorted out all my forms (I hope) and have a place to live for a year, the net in my room and well I think that's it, I finally move soon and finish work and living hopefully Rachel or someone will have a party before we all depart, and perhaps I should meet up with Chidgey. And there's also packing ontop of that, so much to do in like two weeks O_o