Catherine Woolley


Well as I'm sure maybe some people guessed today was that I wasn't at school :P, Charmoo and myself went to the open day at Newport, um I won't comment on how I did not like the ride there, but after 4 hours we got there :P Caerleon was so beautiful, heck I would just wanna go there for the scenery. There were so many hills and it was just wow, the front of the uni was pretty too, it had an old look about it and a clock tower :) made it look cool, oh yeah plus Caerleon has all this stuff about Roman things which would be cool to look into.

The open day was very well organised, altho we did not have enough time to do everything we wanted which sucked. Altho we did help do a focus group discussion for developing the school :) was interesting to see how different our view was to this other girl's. And we did get £30 worth of hmv vouchers for doing it :o that'll save me money, omg I just realised I could get Nausicaa & The Cat Returns with it, yay I love Miyazaki films :D

Anyway back to Newport :P I really enjoyed all that we did there, and the woman who represented Newport at the APU convention remembered us :D that was nice. All the students were helpful and nice :) it was a really nice community there, the rooms were nice too. Last bit was to go off with the lecturer people for the courses, and all I can say is gawd I really wanna do the course now O_o it sounded so interesting from the talk we had, there were like 4 of us that had come to Newport for the games design stuff, the guy next to me seemed pretty excited about it all, altho the girl and other guy didn't seem so passionate and I think the girls parents were more interested in the course :P. But hey I won't judge, that’s just mean doing that. So David (lecturer) said they're only taking on 45 students O_o which is like none so it makes me realise I might not get in :( I don't really wanna do a foundation course to better myself for it. I wanna go onto the life drawing :D I love life drawing ok well no that sounds weird, I don't love drawing naked people :roll: but yeah I really enjoy life drawing, we're doing it again this year :D should be good, but yeah course sounds so good O_o and going to conventions or even just Lionhead would like be a dream come true....I'm not a weirdo :( but um yeah only thing I worry about if I got into Newport, would be where all the games would go O_o I mean yeah the 360 would come with me since I'll have one by then but what about everything else O_o oh dreamcast I cannot live without you......I feel I'm sounding weird now so um I'll stop and say that Newport is a great uni, and mesa wanna go now. (not like I didn't before :P)

Hehe and David knew my name how cool :P even if I did post on the forums and say what I’d be wearing so people could spot me :roll: good ol xbox hoodie :P.