Catherine Woolley


Newport :)

Well was in school checking out a couple of websites so I popped on UCAS and I've got a conditional offer for Newport :D woopie, gotta get 200 points, but I should be able to do that...I hope, anyways that like minimum of getting my D in AS ICT up to a C which shouldn't be hard, I should be able to get it to a B, kinda depends on if everyone fails the resit O_o like um again. Yeah and along with that C at A level I need at least 3 D's well I reckon I should be able to get an A in media, if not that a B, perhaps a B or a C in Law and either a C or D in art. I would include general studies but no now they say they don't accept it *growls* which means I'm doing the lesson for no reason now. Doesn't matter tho, I'll just get a grade that means nothing at all. It's strange really this time last year I wasn't planning on going to university, and now I can't wait to do it, strange feeling really, I guess I just wanna be free for once.
Charlotte also got in and she has to get 240 points (how's that fair?).