Catherine Woolley


Nine: Remembering that I own other consoles

So with a large emphasis on playing Xbox 360 and WP7 titles as of late my post yesterday on Ghost Trick and my previous post on Steam reminded me that I have so many interests and different platforms to play on that I should actually take advantage of them. I have such a backlog of games to play through its silly. So many in fact that they don't all sit in the same flat as me, some are off elsewhere wanting to be played but sadly not getting that joy.

I have always enjoyed all that the different consoles have to offer, be it a beautiful platformer, a lengthy and engaging RPG, or a great game that is so weird it doesn't fall under any categories. The thing I love about games is their immense difference between one-another, and I can't play all of that on my current console of choice the Xbox 360. I want to load up Boku on my PS3, or play through all the point and clicks on my PC (although they can wait till I get my new sub-notebook), or play Major Minor's Majestic March on my Wii.

So officially as of today I'm putting my awesome DSi back in my bag...

Keeping Steam open on my desktop...

And making a list of what I have access to that I haven't actually played through yet, it will take a while but it needs to be done, I need to structure my gaming.