Catherine Woolley


Ninety Nine: A wonderful evening in the presence of Tetsuya Mizuguchi

So one of my favourite video game industry types is the amazing Tetsuya Mizuguchi, his career has spanned a multitude of amazing music themed games and generally if you buy a game with his name on it (in the credits not on the box) you're in for a great gaming experience.

So I luckily had the chance to meet the legend at a BAFTA Q and A event for Child of Eden on Friday evening, I never thought an event like this would happen, but thanks to BAFTA, Ubisoft, Q? Entertainment and Gamespot UK it did. Luckily I found out about the event from a friend, as if I had only found out about the event the following week I would be kicking myself for missing it.

I was able to witness my first live performance of Child of Eden from the man himself, making me want and need the game now, however it will pale in comparison as it won't be projected onto a large wall, or have the music up incredibly high forgetting all the people living underneath my flat.

The game was amazing, more amazing than what I imagined, and I was pretty amazed at how well they've implemented Kinect, however they have had longer than all the games in the launch window had, so they've had time to improve. It at times screams Rez and then also gives the player a whole new experience to delve into. Luckily as well you have the choice to play with out without Kinect, broadening the number of people who can play it, so should you not have the space in your house you can pick up a controller, but I doubt it'll be the same experience.

After the great Q and A we were then able to get items signed and just tell the man how amazing he is...unless that was just me? You can see what we got signed from Mizuguchi's twitter as he tweeted a picture he took. I also then had to make sure to get a picture with him which I still regret not doing with Masaya Matsuura.

Overall it was an amazing evening, I had the chance to see a game I'm eagerly awaiting which at the same time was amazingly beautiful, and I was also able to meet someone who has had such a large effect on my life. My special thanks go out to Korina, BAFTA and Mizuguchi himself for coming over to the UK to be at the event.

I also showed him a picture of our Space Channel 5 cake we made back in the day for a Guardian competition that Aleks ran which was awesome as he said he'd seen the picture before.