Catherine Woolley


Ninety Seven: A sale, a voucher and a forum

That is exactly what I would say if you asked me where I got these games.

So I couldn't help myself today when I popped out for lunch, I decided to take a quick look in GAME which lead me to see:

MindJack for a little £9.98
Fat Princess for a tiny £2.98
Golden Sun for a crazy £12.98

I couldn't allow myself not to buy them, considering how cheap Fat Princess was, how interested in MindJack and it's crazy mechanics I was and what a steal Golden Sun was. GAME's sale when I saw it yesterday was only pre-owned games however I noticed new copies had gone on today as well so I'm pretty happy I popped in.

Then I also picked up Rabbids 3DS after reading a good review on the game on dailyjoypad, plus it was a steal from GAME with a voucher I'd picked up, which let me get it for £24.99, not only getting me a cheap game for my 3DS, but it's not a terrible game either.

Then finally I got SSFIV off some forums I visit regularly for better than half the retail price which was awesome, meaning I didn't spend more than I wanted to on it. Plus all I need now is Pilotwings in order to have the better side of games that have come out for the 3DS, and then just sit back and wait for the future releases to release.

Sadly when looking at them all and thinking of what I spent, I haven't really done the wise thing of not buying anything, however I spent nowhere near the total retail price of the games currently, which may have been about £160 odd, so at least I've saved a load of money in waiting a little while, instead of buying these all on launch/at the current price they would have been if there weren't a sale on in GAME.