Catherine Woolley


NyxQuest Kindered Spirits on WiiWare

So one thing I've tried to do recently is buy a few more digital release games (I never used to so much as I prefer owning copies), as I know have a steady flow of money I felt I should buy a few games on WiiWare. The first that I actually bought was Bonsai Barber, but I felt more inclined to do a little entry on NyxQuest.

It came out back in June (August in NA), although I had only heard of it since a few weeks ago, it was made by Over The Top Games who are a small independent games developer in Madrid that compromises of four guys. It's also been entered into IGF this year (good luck to them, hope they win!).

It is set in Ancient Greece (it actually used to be called Icarian: Kindred Spirits, but got changed) the game itself follows Icarus, son of Daedalus and Nyx who he befriended (Nyx is actually the titan of the night). It was quite hard to watch the story at the start as I had a few people talking to me, so I missed some of it as there was no voice over, but I can always start the game again to view it again in more detail.

I shall try to keep this short, the setting in the game itself is a very picturesque Greece, with broken remnants of statues of gods, along with temples and rocks, which feature Giorgio de Chirico style long shadows sweeping across the landscapes.

screenshot from ingame

What I would love to hope is as well as the game being set in a midday scenario, is that the large amount of shadows are inspired as well by the main character being Nyx, but I can always interpret it how i wish.

The gameplay itself is what I would expect from a Wii title, or at least one that uses the motion control, but requiring you as a player to multitask. For example using the power of Zeus to move an object while flying and gliding over some spikes.

I would also like to give a big thumbs up to the music, you can download it off the NyxQuest website been listening to it at work recently, it's some really nicely composed relaxing music.

I haven't finished it yet, but I must say I don't really want it to end, it's a very enjoyable puzzle platforming style experience, I would recommend it to people with Wii's if I knew many people with them! Also can't wait to see what Over the Top bring us next!