Catherine Woolley


OMG Lumines attack!

Ok so myself and Charlotte had our termly trip to Southend, but this time it was different as we can't really get away with paying child fare on the bus anymore, so we decided to take a train, since it's cheaper that way, and only takes 20 minutes as opposed to the hour bus journey.

The train journey was lovely, we passed right by an airfield, and saw loads of planes taking off and a few old planes ^_^ was cool.

Anywho did the usual, went to Ace Comics, popped in gamestation etc. We also went in Virgin to check out their sale, as we don't have one nearby where ever we live it seems. So i had a look around, not seeing anything good, but then wow I saw Stubbs the Zombie on PC for 4.99 so I picked that up, then scanning the rest of their games, not finding anything great, then my eyes saw Lumines II and I thought oh yeah that'll be pricey, and it actually had a 9.99 sale sticker on, which I accepted thinking wow that's cheap. I then found their last copy of Psychonauts on the Xbox for 4.99 which I gave to Charlotte. So after picking up Lumines I thought to myself I'd love to have the first and second version. So I went to the PSP games and what did I spy, Lumines II marked up at 19.99 and Lumines marked up at 9.99. What had happened is that whoever put them up on sale shoved a sticker for Lumines on Lumines II. Didn't bother me though, it's not like it had been peeled off and stuck on it, it hadn't been tampered with so, I can get it for 9.99 ^_^.

So in the end I got both games for 20 quid, plus I got my student discount off which wasn't bad for the two games I felt...woulda been nice if Lumines wasn't Platinum though :P.

Anyway main point of my entry, I had only played Lumines twice before, once the demo on the 360, and for about 10 minutes at work on a lunch break. It's really one of those must have games for the PSP I feel, one because it's a great game and two it's by Mizuguchi, and well anyone who can make something like rez must be able to make a great music puzzle game.

Ok so firstly of course I gave Lumines a play


Which I played for a while...I can't quite remember how long for, but my lovely new Sennheiser HD202 headphones had been delivered while we were out, so I got to play it with the music louder than I would usually, I suppose immersing myself in the game more than I usually would. I played through Lumines a fair amount of times, after getting game over lots, you've really gotta get into the game to be able to do well and I feel that I've actually played the game better with the headphones on, as opposed to without.
Now I liked Lumines, but I must say when I finished playing with it for a while, after slotting in Lumines II I think I can choose a favourite.

Now Lumines II, it has the same puzzle mode like Lumines, except you don't have to go through them all to unlock them, you can just choose to do which ones you want. Plus it has a mission mode, and you can edit the skins in it (a skin is like the music in the level) I think the main reason I just like Lumines II more is that it has three modes, Beginner, intermediate and advanced, where as with Lumines all you can do is play through it in one way. In Lumines II you get different skins for each difficulty. Although I'm loving the music in Lumines, I'm able to and have the soundtrack for it, where as with Lumines II I can't find a soundtrack for it :( and I want Heavenly Star, but I ain't buying it from iTunes.

Anywho this was really just a quick review, I'm not gonna go completely in-depth, but I will say both games are well worth buying, they are very immersive (can't believe I'm calling a game immersive ^_^) and the second I get back to uni I'm gonna play Rez with my headphones and see how that goes...maybe I'll actually finish it.

But yes I recommend Both Lumines games to any PSP owners, unlike most games on the PSP you can just pick them up play them for a bit and put them down for a bit. I also must say I love the PSP over the DS for it's sleep mode, with the PSP you can just turn it off, go back to it in a weeks time and it's in the same place you left it, say paused in a puzzle game, without draining any battery. If you do that with a DS say because you aren't able to save in New Super Mario Bros and you just don't feel like playing it, close it, Mario says bye bye and if you go back to it in a weeks time you're battery will have been drained as it doesn't actually turn off. Now I understand why this happens, them being on different media.

But yeah anywho I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a good New Years.