Catherine Woolley


OMG new belt attack!

Ok well after going to Game On (must write up my entry on that :p) and buying myself a few lovely illustrated Jon Burgerman things I decided to have a look on his website, as it was on my two badges I have ^_^. So I had a look around, then looked at the shop to see if there was anything nice, and of course there was this uber cool belt, made by yummy industries, so I treated myself to one :) as my old belt had gotten trodden on a few times and the buckle mechanism had kinda broken.

It was cute though, as Charlotte got the post, and she immediatley knew it was my belt cos of a cute sticker on the front


The little sticker saying Jon Burgerman was on the front, which is like uber cute ^_^, I also had this little um wolf kid? inside with my belt, both stickers :)

The belt also had a label (weird for a belt if ya ask me) which is made of paper

And the other side of it.

It's cute cos it's says Bugerland ^_^ and his last name is burger-man I'm so simple ._.

Ok and heres the belt in all it's glory, I thought I should use flash more often, so I decided to show it using flash, yeah it was simple, but alot easier for me to upload than tons of pictures :P. Cool huh? It's supposed to glow in the dark as well but well I guess I haven't given it enough sunlight.