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One Hundred and Forty Four: For the love of Shenmue


I’m a big fan of Shenmue, it’s generally what I tell people is my favourite game when they ask me, perhaps I need to update my favourite games to match with the times, however there are a lot of games which have their own reasons for being a great… more »

One Hundred and Forty Three: Egon Schiele anyone? Warning naked lady


Anyone who knows me, or have glanced at my website may (or may not) know that I’m a big fan of Egon Schiele and his works. Egon was sadly not a Ghostbuster and was an artist of the Expressionist movement from the 20th Century who sadly had his life cut… more »

One Hundred and Forty Two: A Farewell to Plato


Today is a sad day, as unfortunately when popping some fresh cucumber into the millipede tank I found poor Plato in pieces. Exactly the same as Hypatia I can only imagine he was not 100% used to the environment as he was one of a pair that I picked up… more »

One Hundred and Forty One: A trip to the local


Bootsale that is, not the local pub. This weekend I didn't have my sister with me on the look out for games. Sadly I may have missed some games due to that, but to be fair all the bootsales weren't as good as they had been recently, so I don’t think I… more »

One Hundred and Forty: About time it happened!


Now this is a little bit of a silly post by some means, however I'm also 100% serious about the issues mentioned as well. After living in my flat for about two years now the most amazing thing has happened. I’m quite lucky to live quite close to a bu… more »

One Hundred and Thirty Nine: Another new t-shirt


Some may see it as an odd Twitter reference, others who play games (specifically Mario Kart) will then get the cleverness of it. My awesome t-shirt buying has definitely slowed down a lot as of recent, however I'm sure I'll sneak in another daily tee or… more »

One Hundred and Thirty Eight: Tea Time in Space


Wednesday the 18th was the date of a new type of event hosted at the Surrey Space Centre, called Tea Time in Space. The event was firstly set up to introduce people to the wonders of space travel that they may not have known, and more specifically th… more »

One Hundred and Thirty Seven: L.A. Noire is upon us!


So I'm knee deep in enjoying the game to its full potential, I won't go spoiling it for anyone by any means, but intend to write about it once I've completed it (100% not just the story), however I will recommend for people to pause the game and go to… more »

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