Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Eighty: A game with sadly another small release

And that is Solatorobo: Red the Hunter; the spiritual sequel to Tail Concerto a rare release for the Playstation.

Solatorobo came out in Japan back in October 2010 and I never thought there would be a PAL release, however Nintendo announced its release earlier on this year and now it's out, its boxart isn't as good as the Japanese cover though.

Solatorobo is a JRPG which features button mash style gameplay for fights as well as puzzle elements, flight gameplay and a little fishing game within it. Throwing a large mishmash of gameplay elements at the player all within one small package.

Sadly the fighting elements are a little repetitive but the fishing and flight segments I've played were enjoyable.

If only it had a little more advertising.