Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Fifty Eight: Day Two of E3 is over

So day two was just as fun filled as the first day, perhaps even more so. Loads of awesome stuff happened including Video Games Live in the evening. I had the chance to interview some awesome people (some interviews still need to go up) including AJ LoCascio and Jasper Koning. I also had the chance to check out another vast array of games including:

  • The game I had to play twice; Silent Hill Downpour
  • The super-fast Blood Rayne Betrayal
  • The awesomely awesome Awesomenauts
  • The devious Puzzle Agent 2
  • The interesting Jurassic Park
  • The totally old school Resident Evil Revelations
  • The fast paced Resident Evil Raccoon City
  • The game at which I win: Street Fighter X Tekken
  • The completely fun Little Big Planet 2 Move pack
  • The biggest turnaround in gameplay and design; Tomb Raider

Everything I played or was shown was great, although my favourite aspects of the day have to of been talking with AJ and Jasper who were both amazing in their own ways. I’d loved to of chatted more with Jasper had I known at the time that he was one of the Banana Games team. So other than interviewing them my favourite games had to of been…

  • Tomb Raider
  • Awesomenauts

This is purely because I’m a pretty big Tomb Raider fan and they seem to of done a great job of completely changing it for the best. Perhaps it could do with a little less QTE’s but with the changes they’ve made to their engine, environment and atmosphere. Tomb Raider has been changed for the best. There has even been a total change of character for Lara, she now swears, it’s totally unlike the original Lara, as well as her no longer being an "all guns blazing" character.

One of my other favourite aspects was us sitting down and sorting out our bags after the show had finished. Charlotte was popping her Red Dead Redemption vinyl into a different bag (she had it to get it signed by Bill Elm at Video Games Live), only to have someone pop by and ask us about it, and if she got it from E3. Charlotte then dismissed the nice man as she didn't really hear what he said, only later to find out that it was Bill Elm talking to us, as he pointed us out after Video Games Live. It's a bit of a weird story to explain in text, it's better to hear in person.

My favourite picture of the day would have to be my picture with Yoshinori Ono.