Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Fifty Seven: Day One of E3 is over

For the first day of my first E3 I felt it went well. I got to check out loads of exciting games, including:

  • The atmospheric Metro: First Light
  • The playful Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
  • The addictive Rotastic
  • The compelling Luicuis
  • The utterly beautiful Deponia
  • The crazy NeverDead
  • The un-nerving Silent Hill Downpour
  • The amazingly awesome Leedmees

I must say I didn't have a bad experience on any of the titles and thoroughly enjoyed a lot of what I played, with everything having at least one interesting feature.

My favourite games of the first day will have to be a tie though as I really loved three of the games, however as they're all wildly different from each other I feel having three favourites is ok. They were:

  • Metro: First Light
  • Deponia
  • Leedmees

Although I would just like to point out Deponia looks stunning after seeing the actual game be played, I cannot wait for its release. The animations look great and the environment once again looks perfect. They’re doing a great job on the game, and even though it was an early build it blew me away.

The highlight of my day would be meeting Tim Schafer, not only because he was so awesomely nice, but also to see the look on Charlotte's face.

My favourite picture of the day would have to be my picture with Cooking Mama herself.