Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Forty Four: For the love of Shenmue

I’m a big fan of Shenmue, it’s generally what I tell people is my favourite game when they ask me, perhaps I need to update my favourite games to match with the times, however there are a lot of games which have their own reasons for being a great experience. So I'll keep saying Shenmue but then mention some other games too.

Shenmue will always be an experience that I enjoyed playing through in school and that I repeatedly played again and again, I looked past the QTEs from being a massive break in the gameplay, and used them as practice for playing the QTE master game in the arcades.

I favour the Japanese dialogue in Shenmue II to the English version that later came out on the Xbox, as well as of course the integration between saves when playing it on the Dreamcast. I wanted the game to continue its story, which although a simple tale of revenge the immense world dragged me in.

I will always love this Penny Arcade

Of course when I found out about the secret underground duck racing I was amazed that I hadn’t experienced myself and will need to give it a go.

Shenmue was my first real experience in an expansive virtual world, of course you were still limited in some aspects but at the time it was the first time I was able to fully explore Japan from the 80s as well as spend as much money as I wanted on gashapons.

With this love of Shenmue I have collected a few copies of the game, also mostly thanks to my sister Charlotte who has been supplying me with some of the copies as birthday or Christmas presents.

After being contacted by Spontanbesorger recently in a comment I accepted to taking a picture of my Shenmue collection, although sadly it’s not complete. I also have two items that aren’t pictured as I haven’t got them in my flat which are a promo white label copy of Shenmue on the Dreamcast as well as an NTSC copy of Shenmue II on Xbox. There may be something else I haven’t got with me but nothing springs to mind. Except for my large Shenmue poster which I believe you can spot in one of my videos on the Gamercast YouTube channel I think.

click for a larger version

I’m sure perhaps one day I’ll have even more items in my collection, but for now this is it.