Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Forty Three: Egon Schiele anyone? Warning naked lady

Anyone who knows me, or have glanced at my website may (or may not) know that I’m a big fan of Egon Schiele and his works.

Egon was sadly not a Ghostbuster and was an artist of the Expressionist movement from the 20th Century who sadly had his life cut short by the outbreak of the Spanish flu back in 1918.

In the time that he was drawing though he created some amazing pieces of art which focused on a variety of subjects. With a main focus on the grotesque, prostitutes and sex which makes his pictures quite intense.

His quality of line teamed with a limited amount of colour or the total opposite makes every image of his seem completely different to the next while managing to contain a different feeling for each piece.

Of course not all his works are ladies, but he did also do some still life’s and landscapes, but the ladies are the more interesting pieces of his work in my opinion.

Throughout all of my art history he was always my favourite artist and I only hope other readers of my blog may also find something they like about his work.

Thanks to the Metro I found out that there is an exhibition of Schiele’s work going on at the Richard Nagy gallery in London (22 Old Bond Street) which I definitely need to check out when I find some time. The exhibit is going on from the 19th May to the 30th of June on Tuesdays to Saturdays during the hours of 12-5pm.

My apologies for the picture if anyone is offended by it, I don't mean to offend but it's probably my favourite piece so I had to put it with this post.