Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Forty Two: A Farewell to Plato

Today is a sad day, as unfortunately when popping some fresh cucumber into the millipede tank I found poor Plato in pieces.

Exactly the same as Hypatia I can only imagine he was not 100% used to the environment as he was one of a pair that I picked up from the AES Entomology show, the two of them hadn’t really been looked after that much when I got them so I was in a way slightly surprised they hadn’t passed on sooner.

I imagine Socrates may follow shortly but it’s so hard to tell when there’s something wrong with a millipede as unlike a large animal they're silent creatures that can’t inform you of anything themselves.

However Eratosthenes is still standing strong and I’ve got all my babies to look after which have actually started turning black now, as opposed to appearing translucent. Soon they may be old enough for me to sell them which will be interesting.