Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Sixteen: Something worth supporting

So one thing I'm quite into at the moment is keeping an eye on indie products, be it games, films or something completely different. Usually it tends to be games though so I just thought I'd give a little info on some items I feel are worthy of a little of your money.

Of course you don't have to donate anything, or you could just donate a dollar or a pound or something to help out, as of course every little helps (as Tesco recommend) because of all these projects have been created based on the creators funds and not through other means.

So first up is a game we've mentioned a few times recently on Gamercast and that is No Time To Explain.

This is of course a recent and currently unreleased spin on the hardcore platformer, however with great music (in the trailer) along wit a nice premise to the game. As quoted off their Kickstarter:

"No Time To Explain is a platformer game about Time Travel, Big Jetpack Guns, Giant Enemy Crabs and Ribs in People's Eyes.

Think Back to the Future meets The Butterfly Effect. Add a lot of blood and people getting dragged away by monsters, and you've got our game.

You are taken on a wild adventure of time paradoxes, things that make no sense and more things that make less sense. Eventually it will wrap up in a way that does make a little sense though."

No Time To Explain has actually already reached its target goal of $7,000 and has passed it by miles with a currently large $18,472. However any extra money will surely help the development of the game to multiple platforms. Especially as there's another 29 days left on itsac clock.

Of course if you don't want to pledge a huge amount but would just like to play the game you can pledge $5 for a copy of the game, or if you up your donation to $25 you can gain access to their level editor. I went for the level editor in this game's case.

Next up is another game called Luminesca, sadly it's not on Kickstarter but it shouldn't put you off this interesting looking little Unity title.

Luminesca is some kind of cross between an explorative, platform side-scrolling adventure that has a greater emphasis on exploration above everything. As quoted off their IndieGoGo page.

Springing to life in the protozoan soup, Lum is thrust into a confusing world of dazzling lights and frightening monsters. His colony's habitat comes under threat when a vast, ancient machine grinds into motion and starts to consume all the surrounding water. Lum's adventure takes him from all corners of his environment to the heart of the machine, encountering a rich ecology of inhabitants and learning some valuable lessons about the world around him.

Luminesca still has a fair way to go when comparing it to No Time To Explain, however it's still early days while it's got $375 of it's $9,000 goal. A small donation of $5 will let you see the game while it's being made, whereas £10 will give you a copy of the game once it's released and so on and so one. You can of course check out all the ways to help out the game on its IndieGoGo page.

I've got one more special thing to mention in terms of Kickstarter, but I'll leave it for now and perhaps show people the worthy cause tomorrow.