Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Sixty Six: Nintendo 3DS update

So the 3DS update was finally released and I had the chance to update the little handheld that was missing way too many features on launch. Annoyingly while I was in America I couldn't successfully connect to any Wi-Fi networks with it, stopping me from grabbing the much needed update, so almost a week after its release I finally got it.

Along with the update I also acquired The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening to keep me busy while I wait for Ocarina of Time to come out for 3DS. Link's Awakening I'll have you know is actually one of my favourite Zelda titles which I remember playing to absolute death on the Gameboy.

You can pick up an array of titles off the store now with the update including:

Super Mario Land
3D Classics Excitebike (free for a while)
Link's Awakening

As well as that there are now some updates to Streetpass which helps stop you from missing out on your puzzle pieces. As well as the internet browser finally being made available and of course DSiWare transfers from your older handheld.

Now I've got my fingers crossed from some exclusive 3DS titles to be available on the store, as well as a larger array of Virtual Console titles as there aren't enough up yet.