Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Thirty Eight: Tea Time in Space

Wednesday the 18th was the date of a new type of event hosted at the Surrey Space Centre, called Tea Time in Space. With a bunch of friends from work we managed to navigate towards the section of the university successfully without getting lost once!

The event was firstly set up to introduce people to the wonders of space travel that they may not have known, and more specifically the Soviet's part in the Space Race back in the 1950s.

It then delved into what the Surrey Space Centre do in terms of putting Satellites into space, the cost to man a small mission and just lots of information in relation to Surrey and the ESA that I just didn't know about.

Plus as it was advertised as Tea Time in Space, we were given cakes and tea at the start of the presentation. Of course by some means the presentation was advertising their courses at the University that delve into, although to be fair, you can't get much cooler than being a part of a team who launch a Satellite into space for the means of gathering data. All I know is even though with the overtime and gruelling hours at the start, by the end of it all, it must be a great feeling to have taken part in such a study.

Overall it was a lovely event and really interesting too, firstly finding out about how much Surrey has contributed to Space programs as well as the reasoning’s for only certain plastics going into space (as everyday plastics turn to gas!) it was very entertaining and informative as I learnt some things I wasn't aware of.

I only hope they do another event but also swing one to be more astronomy based on a nice clear night in the park by the university. Although I imagine from the light pollution on the campus you wouldn't get much of a clear look.