Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Thirty Six: If there's one thing that London's great for

It's the large posters on the underground, sadly you can't really tell how massive this was (although you can see my reflection in it), but it was pretty darn huge. I love that in London you can really appreciate some of the work that's gone in promotional posters when you have the chance to see them big and up close.

I've seen great posters of the likes of Bioshock 2 and Enslaved when catching the Tube, but I never saw any for Red Dead Redemption or had the chance to see any GTA IV posters, so I'm very happy Rockstar have plastered the Underground with some L.A. Noire posters.

I'd love if they've put up the other images from the series although I have a feeling that the more interesting death scene images are a little too violent for the pedestrians of London.