Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Twenty One: A prime position to watch the world go by

When in London one of my favourite places to eat is Adam's Rib, not only do they do amazing ribs that just fall off the bones but they are in a great area of London by Piccadilly Circus, and are positioned nicely on a first floor with huge open windows, giving you the chance to just watch the world go by. Plus you can actually see a lot more than in my photo as it seemed silly getting lots of pavement in the image, as the windows go down to the floor.

Which generally is what myself and my sister do, you get to see the vast difference in clothes between people, men fishing in the gutters, cyclists cycling on the pavement and nearly running people over, cars going down the wrong side of the road and a motorbike trying to go up the inside of a massive lorry.

In other words you see lots and from a prime position, I highly recommend it as a place to go, should you be stopping by the Trocadero, Japan Centre or the Apollo cinema.