Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Twenty: Popeye, papayian!

I've decided to start giving the Millipedes Papaya, they seem to be liking it which is good especially as it's fairly rich in calcium, which of course is good for growing bodies, be it humans or millipedes we all benefit from a bit of calcium now and again.

Annoyingly the springtails seem to have come back but the tank doesn't look horrible like it did last time, so I'll let them be for now.

Even though cucumber is great for them to eat (especially as it's pretty much water) they do need a little variety as well as calcium to help them grow nice healthy exo-skeletons. They seem to like apple as well, but only every now and again as it takes them a while to eat through it. As you may be able to see from the piece of half eaten apple in the background.