Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Twenty Three: One of my most anticipated games of 2011

As well as eagerly awaiting the sequel to a brilliant game, which is of course Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I am also waiting for L.A. Noire, and I'm sure a lot of people have heard of it since Rockstar came on board to publish it. However I've been looking forward to it since Team Bondi announced it back a few years ago, and I cannot believe that it's finally out in as little as two weeks.

I've been good and stayed away from any videos, previews or screenshots since the first two announcement videos, firstly showing off the animation, and the video showing the gameplay. As everything else seems to be slightly more story centric than I would like, and of course trailers always spoil the best moments of any form of media.

I pre-ordered my copy from GAME today (so I could get the DLC pack), I only just pre-ordered as I'd been holding out for a Collector's Edition which sadly will not be coming as it's a little late for them to announce one now. So I've decided I'll just have to get a standard game, which is a shame as an art book and soundtrack would make a really nice little package.

I hope everyone else is looking forward to what I can only describe as a Mafia meets Shenmue meets Heavy Rain meets Condemned meets The Getaway, at least that's what my mind thinks of it as.