Catherine Woolley


One Hundred and Two: Games!

Following on from a comment from Dazzy Hitch, as I just wanted to show how much in danger I am from towers of video games that need playing.

So here's my pile of games (plus a couple of films) I've acquired over perhaps the last month, however it may not be including everything. Also you'll notice on the top there's a load of CDs without cases, these are a load of games I bought a little while back, I had packed their boxes away and they're waiting to find a new home in my game flight case.

Annoyingly these games are only a small portion of my backlog, but unfortunately I think I'd need a very long amount of time off work and everything else in order to get through some of the games.

My biggest problems I have are A: Buying games when they come out due to special editions, pre-order bonuses, or purely wanting a copy of the game. And B: If I see a game cheap I may be so inclined to buy it. I usually can control it every now and again, although I couldn't help myself when it came to the 3DS launch, even though originally I didn't want the handheld, I found myself with one on the day it came out.

I'll also say Chibi Robo is an amazing game that I recommend to all, should you be able to find it on the Gamecube.