Catherine Woolley


One: The start of something

ToroSo after seeing a lot of people taking part in the 'One a day' stuff last year I really wanted to get into it, this was of course half-way through the year and it would have seemed a little odd to start so late. I have now decided to jump in and give it ago, I've never been one for keeping up with diaries, I tried mydailyphoto and kept it up for a while, so hopefully this one will get further.

The only thing that worries me is that work and my side stuff I do in my spare time like Gamercast trying to have a life or playing games, may stop me from getting these full and lengthy. However I can make these as short as I want or just have a photo if needs be to make sure I get one out there, promising to try and keep everything interesting.

You'll find a whole range of things on here, from talking about games, films, animation, even cookery or very short game reviews. I'll be keeping it professional though, and hopefully you'll enjoy reading what I have to talk about, or show off.