Catherine Woolley


Persona 3 Official Design works

Well a few weeks back I was having a look about on ebay and noticed someone with some interesting looking stuff, I then noticed they were selling the Persona 3 design works book, which is an art book. So immediatley I decided I would have to win it, a few days and bids later I won it for about £11 which ain't bad.

Now a week and a bit later I finally got it (took them a while *moans*) and I must say it was well worth the money, I'd been looking into the Shin Megami series for a few months now, after hearing Persona 3 was one of the games of 2007 to get :).

And of course with it not being out in the UK yet I thought I might as well get the art book to look through before I have the game, and I must say I'm really happy with it, and I can't wait for the 29th of Feburary now, as that's the date it should be coming out, although that may be quite an expensive day as also Beautiful Katamari No More Heroes and Lost Odyssey are coming out. Although I want to make sure I get Persona 3 before it disappears ^__^

Here's some photos of what the book contains :)

I'm really pleased with the book, although a little disappointed that Kazuma Kaneko didn't do the art for it.