Catherine Woolley



So my sister Emma is helping us with the prom and stuff, and we're having a hard time deciding what to do with my hair, mainly since she thinks I should have it down, but I prefer having it up ^^ and there's lots you can do with it, Emma reckons straightened with a curly bit somewhere, can't remember and I just want up nicely somehow :P So Emma got bored and gave me a french plat, which looks nice, but as we all agree on looks rather childish for something like the prom.


This prom stuff is like the most I've ever had to bother with what I'm wearing, as it's usually just choose a pair of trousers and a top and thats it but, gawd it's like everything has to match and look all formal and stuff, how annoying. I can't wait to wonder what will end up happening with my hair ^^, Emma is good with hair stuff cos she was a hairdresser, and she's good with the whole dressing up stuff :P me am lucky I have a nice sister =).

Charlotte said I look like Lara Croft from behind :P.