Catherine Woolley



A bit late but now's a better time than never...

Ok so results day was back on the 17th of August, very nervy time, unsure of if I would get into my chosen uni or not, we set out pretty earlish and there were already quite a few people there, but not our results.

Well the official ones, we were given a little piece of paper with what grades we got as the postman hadn't come with the official results yet. But it was all ok I got what I needed, which is as follows:

Media - A
Art - C
Law - D
General - *cough* E *cough*

Ok so I did as I hoped in Media, and the same with art, was a little disappointed in Law and I couldn't really give a shit for general, they didn't count it so I couldn't care less. So we ended up having to wait an hour or two and then they came and I was less happy than before, I pretty much failed two of my law exams, and I revised and thought I would have done well, but hey that's why I got a D. I was more than happy with art though, although I only got a D for my coursework and well I thought I'd made a darn good piece of work, same with my exam I only got a C but hmm oh well, I can't win them all. I may have got not great grades but in my mind I got great pieces of work out of it.

So with all the stress aside myself and Charlotte later went to a party at Jay's which was cool, I only hope I can meet up with everybody one last time, as I'm gonna miss everyone :(

So yeah any congrats send them my way! even if they are a little late.