Catherine Woolley


Revisting Kareshi Kanojo no Jijô

Years and years ago I'd bought myself the first dvd of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijô, or as known over here His and Her Circumstances, or as I will be calling it for short Kare Kano.

After loving the series from the first dvd (and after reading the manga of course) I then had to buy the second dvd, and since the second disc I had to buy them all but never got round to it, as they have yet to be released in the UK.

I love my anime, and of course Shôjo, but there's just something about Kare Kano that makes it feel more special to me, now I prefer the story of Peach Girl, but theres just something style wise about Kare Kano that makes me just want to watch it again and again.

As well as having the normal cute points that anime is full of, it's full of the use of the manga strips, along with lovely drawn looking images, throughout the relationship with Arima and Yukino.

Soichiro Arima

Also in the first half of the series the credits would roll on a camera strolling quite quickly through places which I suppose you could say are common in the series, so places like school hallways, but it's filmed with a bit of fish eye type lens, but I just like it more than showing characters as its quite inventive.

Also it's odd as the transition images as the series progresses get even more abstract, I haven't finished watching the series though so I am unsure of how everything ends up and looks :D

I dunno really, I just thought I'd do a blog just showing a bit of appreciation of the series, as I prefer it compared to lots of the stuff I watch, although Azumanga Daioh is still quite good.

Now all I needa do is buy myself the Shinkai collection which came out a little while ago, especially since at only £9.98 you can't not buy it!