Catherine Woolley


Seven: A photo and a complaint

So Friday is officially my image day, I'll post up a photo/image/piece of art, generally a picture of something and write a little about why I'm sharing it, mainly my reasoning’s behind showing it.

I'm sure many of you in the UK read the Metro, it's a great way to have something to read while commuting plus it's free so it's win win unless you prefer even more biased newspapers. So back on the 22nd of December my sister was flicking through the paper while we were sat on our train, and I was informed that ITV were showing a film I saw at the Barbican not that long ago called The Illusionist.

I was ecstatic about this, as the animation by Slyvain Chomet was a real treat, not only was it beautifully animated, it was a really charming little film that contained the smallest amount of spoken dialogue. So I jumped at the chance to watch the film a second time, as well as having my sister watch it.

At first however we thought it strange that ITV2 of all stations were showing it, especially as the film was only released in 2010, so she went on to read the synopsis to find out they were showing The Illusionist that more people may have heard of that features Edward Norton. I was quite saddened at this because I was truly looking forward to having the chance to watch the film again, and I cannot believe how easily they used the wrong picture for their featured film.

It does baffle me that they must have just grabbed an image from somewhere and not checked on its source, or match it to the film blurb, Metro you have failed me.