Catherine Woolley


Sixty Seven: Looking back at The Typing of the Dead

Looking back at a fairly recent game that I loved to pieces was The Typing of the Dead, anyone who is a fan of the House of the Dead series will feel somewhat at home with this game. Although be prepared for it as it's not your average video game, perhaps verging more towards an educational experience.

The Typing of the Dead is a modified port of House of the Dead 2 that Smilebit and SEGA released shortly after the release of the main game back in 99/00, however a large spin was put on the game, and this can be easily guessed from the title of the game. The Typing of the Dead is a modified shooter to help teach touch typing.

You're still attacked by zombies from ahead of you in shooter based gameplay, however instead of the use of a light gun or controller you have to use a keyboard to survive. The Typing of the Dead was released on more platforms than you would imagine, although not every version was available in every region of course. In the UK if you were lucky enough to find a copy it would be on the PC. If you're in the US you have the ability to get it on the PC and for the Dreamcast as of course it was the main platform for House of the Dead 2. Then if you're Japanese you could try all the prior methods as well as for the Playstation 2 and even amazingly at arcades.

Edutainment is always an interesting game type as you can get interesting results from them, varying from extremely boring and all the way up to fun and entertaining. The Typing of the Dead is still a very game-like experience, however it can get even more intense than HotD2 at times, especially if you're typing isn't up to speed.

Most will dismiss an educational game; heck with the likes of Mario is Missing, Treasures of the Deep and even the more recent Brain Training titles an educational game doesn't have to be boring. If you want to learn how to touch type wouldn't you rather be killing some zombie scum as opposed to watching a screen tell you to type a few words within a time limit then this is the game for you. Of course from generally browsing the internet and typing in an IM window often you can learn the placement of all the keys, but it's nice to be rewarded and judged on your typing skills when faced with zombies.