Catherine Woolley


Sixty Two: Games TM issue 38

So recently I've been arguing with a YouTube user over their calling me a "noob" as well as claiming my collection was crap. This then caused me to look back at the retro corner of Games TM for issue 38 back when I was 17, the issue in particular as myself and my sister were in the retro corner for the issue. This was a pretty cool thing for me, as the most I'd been in a magazine was on the penpals bit in GamesMaster once, so this was a big deal.

This sparked off lots of stuff going on in terms of trying to do other things related to games before going off to uni, which was a lot of fun. If you want to read the horribly answered questions and look at the bad pictures (makes our collection look a little shabby) feel free to click on the image for a larger version of it.

For any long time readers of my blog, you may of course have already seen this image, however it is much better quality now, than it was back in the day.