Catherine Woolley


SK Gaming

Over a month ago now at University we had the lovely Lawrence Philips come in and give a quick talk on SK Gaming, and the joys of competitive gaming. From this he wanted some writers for a new consoles section that was appearing on the site.


I was very eager to help as I've written for websites before, but none that that receive as many visitors that SK do.


I have of course been quite busy with my final year project, along with Lash La Rue, my dissertation and having to work. But I finally wrote my first article for SK gaming.


Following the announcement of Max Payne 3 being in development by Rockstar Games I felt it to be quite fit to write up a news entry on it, not only being a console game, but while the Max Payne series are a very well known string of PC games.


Being quite sad I took a screenshot of my entry on the website on the front page, I was quite happy with it and only look forward to writing more for SK, I'm constantly trawling the internet for interesting articles to post up.


Yay first article