Catherine Woolley


The awesomeness that arrived in the post

Ok well not everyone may find it that cool, I know one person will, and me and my sister do.

Anywho I found this really cool guy who resides in Japan and noticed he was offering to import a certain game called NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams through Sega Direct as of course Sega Direct are very awesome.

Ok so I nicely asked him about it, and then had a look about on the site, being in Japanese and only being able to read hirigana it was hard navigating on the site, but I then released I'd be interested in things with DX in the title (meaning deluxe version).

So I then realised as I have a PS3 now I wanted this game called Imabi Kisou, which luckily is by Sega, so I asked if he could order me the DX version of that too, so I then told him exactly what I wanted and paid him about a week or so ago.

And asking about it all at say the start of December I now have in my possession this amazingness.

And also

Now to be honest the cooler bit has to be the NiGHTS stuff, as well it's cuter :).

The Deluxe NiGHTS pack includes: NiGHTS on the Wii


a keyring which spins round


 a cute little nights figure


 three sleeves which can be seen at the top of the first picture, although this one is the cutest by far


and well that's it, although I noticed on the sega direct site you can also buy the get ready nights tshirt, so I automatically wanted one, although black had sold out so i had to get white, but it's better than not having one :D Although I'm a little confused about the top, cos its lovely and all, but I ordered a small, and it's quite big for a small, specially as I imagined it being a Japanese small.

And of course Imabi Kisou, the thing that made it a deluxe version is that small box, the blu-ray disc was for any orders of it from sega direct, and you got it before they ran out, so I was lucky to get it (maybe not many people have bought it though :P) but yeah what's in the box is this.

Which is believe it or not a plant pot, and from what i've read on someones blog, is that it's a bleeding plant...although I don't really wanna plant it, no matter how cool it sounds, as if I plant it, it's sure to die and then it's gone :(

So yeah I recommend if anyone wants to import anything from Japan and are restricted by things like play-asia not letting you buy ps3 games, or even the cool free things you get with games, he's your man :)